WAMS (World Assosciation of Medical Sciences)

The WAMS, the World Assosciation of Medical Sciences puts its principal aim on the task of establishing a universal medical medium in which the standards and practice of clinical and basic medical sciences can academically be followed, performed, improved and expanded through collaborative and fraternized work, duties, missions and activities. The Academy administers an international merging of Medicine generating better cooperation and coordination between its members, member institutions and scientific partners including medical faculties, medical schools, hospitals, medical institutions, medical research centers and laboratories, and medical, biomedical and pharmaceutical enterprises, institutions and associations. Centrally operated from five world headquarters, the Academy brings forth a collective and concerted organization of medical professionals across the globe with perseverance based on integrity and charisma with rich, productive scientific resources and commendable prospects for all. International medical research, an important and vital part of the science and art of Medicine, is administered, promoted and supported by the Academy within a full spectrum of clinical and basic medical sciences bringing medical researchers and clinicians together within and between disciplines and therefore generating an international scientific co-efficiency and incorporation. It also provides an international network of medical research and clinical activities on academic levels. Administering, representing and promoting an establishment of international medicine which primarily consists of research, training and education while medical practise of academic standards and manners.

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